Wednesday, 18 February 2009

"Tiny salmon swimming in a stream..."

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I had two fillets of salmon in the fridge that needed to be eaten and I didn't want to do my usual Canjan Salmon Salad and I had no potatoes in to do Salmon and mash so I put my thinking cap on...

Salmon & Broccoli Pasta with a Tomato, Basil and Mascarpone Sauce

The Sauce (serves 2 - I've chilled the 2nd portion for my lunch tomorrow!)
  • 3 large tomatoes
  • a large pinch of freshly chopped basil
  • 2 Tablespoons of Mascarpone Cheese
  • a small pinch of salt
  1. Blend the tomatoes
  2. stir in the basil and salt
  3. Melt the Mascarpone on a low heat
  4. Add the tomato and simmer for 3-mins

The rest of the dish...
  • Fresh Pasta
  • A hand full broccoli broken into small sprigs
  • 2 Salmon fillets
  1. Put the salmon in the microwave (I know I'm usually anit-micro waving, but it really does cook salmon very well) for about 2mins 30sec (750watts)
  2. Whilst the salmon is cooking cook the pasta (with a pinch of salt and a drip of cooking oil) and broccoli in the same pan. If you use fresh pasta this should work out just the right amount of time to keep the broccoli nice crunchy and full of flavor. If you're not using fresh pasta add the broccoli for the final 1 min.
  3. Once the salmon is finished break into chunks, mix with sauce and warm through slowly.

This really is one of my favourite pasta dishes. The chef at my local Italian take away has promised to teach me how to make "the best" fresh pasta, can't wait!

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