Thursday, 19 March 2009

Reduced counter challenge.

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Whilst slightly tipsy thanks to an afternoon of St. Paddys day drinking a mate bet that I couldn't make a decent meal from what is on the reduced counter at our local Tesco Express. Unfortunately the counter was rather bare (literally all there was were some chicken breasts, a pack of broccoli and some bacon) so the meal is a bit boring... however I'm planning to do this regularly so hopefully it'll turn out some more interesting combinations!

Chicken in a Cheddar and Bacon Sauce with Broccoli and Sweetcorn.

I just poached the chicken then made the cheese sauce my usual way and added small pieces of fried bacon... EASY!

Sorry the pic is a bit rubbish, my friend has borrowed my SLR so had to use my phone!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New flavors on toast!

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I recently got my hands on some new jams and curds from Cottage Delight (the parent company of my much raved about Spanks) and decided to do a taste test with my now self proclaimed "Jam and Curb Connoisseur" housemate (below).
Firstly, Blackcurrant Curd
I was most excited about this one being a big fan of lemon curd I was keen to try it, and believe me it didn't disappoint.
The texture is everything you'd expect from a curd, however this one is one has bits of blackcurrant in it. The initial taste is a hint of buttery lemon then a subtle taste of blackcurrant takes over your mouth. We tried this on both brown and white toast, but I have plans to put it as a filling for a cake... YUM!
Next, Red Gooseberry Jam
Now I do like jams but I find quite a few (especially strawberry jam) a bit too sweet and the acute bitterness of some marmalades too sharp. However this jam lies somewhere between the two. Although strictly not a marmalade as it doesn't contain citrus zest the Red Gooseberries give aslight bitter twist. I really enjoyed this jam much more then I thought I would and will definitelybe buying some more to put on my toast in the morning.

Whilst on the topic of cottage industry retail, I was informed about a website (Local Food Advisor) aimed at promoting local food suppliers.
Anyway, better get ready to go out. Going for a Chinese with the sailing team after a no wind training session :(

Friday, 6 March 2009

Back in the Kitchen...

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After all of my recent eatting out I got back in the kitchen to cook up a meal for a mate so I went back to my good old friend "Easy Mushroom Pasta" which I featured over a year ago now (with a couple of alterations).

This time I sliced and baked the mushrooms at 200c for 4-mins, and added strips of chicken into the sauce. As I've already shown you how to do the sauce I'll blog about prepairing the chicken as I alway have mates asking me how to do it. Now I learnt this wat whilst working in a gastro pub so I know none of the technical words for bits of the chicken so please bare with me...!

How to butterfly and cook a chicken breast!
  • Take your breast and flip it over
  • Chop off the flappy bit of meat as shown below

  • Slice the breast open (as shown below again) and open up
  • Coat in crack pepper (or what ever you want to put on it)
  • Cook in a pre-heated oven at 200c for 15-20mins

My knife is a bit blunt so it really hashed up cutting it into strips!

Anyway this was the finished product

Got to get to bed though have a lot of portfolio work to get through in the morning!

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