Thursday, 19 March 2009

Reduced counter challenge.

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Whilst slightly tipsy thanks to an afternoon of St. Paddys day drinking a mate bet that I couldn't make a decent meal from what is on the reduced counter at our local Tesco Express. Unfortunately the counter was rather bare (literally all there was were some chicken breasts, a pack of broccoli and some bacon) so the meal is a bit boring... however I'm planning to do this regularly so hopefully it'll turn out some more interesting combinations!

Chicken in a Cheddar and Bacon Sauce with Broccoli and Sweetcorn.

I just poached the chicken then made the cheese sauce my usual way and added small pieces of fried bacon... EASY!

Sorry the pic is a bit rubbish, my friend has borrowed my SLR so had to use my phone!

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Jules said...

That's a good idea. May have been a basic meal, but it was reasonably balanced!