Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Longtime no speak!

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Firstly I want to apologise for not blogging for ages but I was very busy writing my dissertation before Easter (very boring... I wont go into it) and then over the Easter break I was working in the med delivering a yacht. However working on the yacht gave me the inspiration for this blog...
Cooking on a budget on a yacht!

My most recent yacht trip involved me delivering a yacht from Antibes (South France) to Nidri (Greece). After a week of waiting for the boat builders to finish there work we were ready to set off, however due to some accounting errors our prevision budget was tiny... To cut a long story short we ended up with a budget of €150 to feed 3 crew for 5 days. Now this would normally be fine, but Antibes is a millionaires playground where you need a mortgage to buy a lettuce!
With this stupidly small budget my skills as a student came to the fore and we lived off a diet mainly consisting of pasta, rice and simple sauces. One more thing you have to consider on a yacht is you normally only have 2 hobs and no grill (like a lot of student flats) so all the food had to use a maximum of 2 pans.

Anyway, I'll post some of the dishes I made over the next week or so... in the mean time I need to get back to some work.

See you all soon