Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Quick Cake to share MKII

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After a short stint in the pub we decided to use up the rest of the half dozen eggs, but with Tesco now closed our imagination limited to what I had in stock to make more Quick Cakes!

Firstly we went back to the Raisin mix we did, however this time we added a blob of jam. We didn't mix it in, just let it sink so it'd stay together like in a doughnut...

This worked really well and I prefered it to the original version.

Next (after a quick game of Pro Evo) a mate had the genius idea of doing Chocolate Orange, so with a few heaped tea spoons of Belgium Hot Chocolate powder mixed with ca. 50ml of bitty orange juice.

The orange flavour was good, but we need to think about increasing the chocolate flavour...!

Finally we made one by mixing in golden syrup... need I say anymore!

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