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Birthday Food

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Last week was a very long week, I had to juggle composing my opera with celebrating my twenty-something birthday... I know, it's a hard life! With it being so chaotic I didn't have time to cook even one meal, so spent most meal times in either a pub, restaurant or greasy spoon cafe. So I thought, rather then write a blog about what "I" cooked, I'll do one about what I didn't cook.

Day 1 (my twenty-something Birthday)

It has become somewhat of a birthday tradition with my mates for us to head to our local greasy spoon called Daiquiri's (now I know a place named after an alcoholic drink is never a good place for breakfast but stay with me...) for breakfast.

This place is truly amazing, in the morning it's a quality breakfast joint, as the day wares on it become an even better Mexican bar/restaurant. The food here is 2nd to none for the price range, with a full English (and half pint of orange juice) cooked to perfection for £4.50 how can you go wrong?! The thick bacon is grilled not fried, the beans are Heinz not some cheapo make and the sausages and pretty damn good too.

In the evening I went out for a meal with my housemates & co. and after a bit of faffing about ended up in one of Cardiff's two new "Wagamama's". Now I was quite excited because several mate have been raving about this chain. When I got there I was somewhat confused as I didn't really fancy soup... was kinda stuck! Anyway after trying to workout what everything was I settled for the "Salmon Ramen" - noodles in a pork and chicken spiced miso soup topped with a grilled fillet of salon, seasonal greens, menma, spring onions, wakame and carrots. garnished with mixed sesame seeds. Now I must say I really like the flavours of this dish, but because it is just one HUGE bowl of it and nothing else I felt it became a bit sameish. For desert I shared (now that is showing my age) the White Chocolate and Ginger Cheese Cake... YUMMY!
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it and will be going back sometime, I just don't rave about it!

The whole day was washed down with some sublime cocktails in local bar Milgi. I had - from what I remember:

  • Fruit Salad Martini - taste just like the sweets!

  • Espresso & Vanilla Daiquiris - the sophisticated vodka red bull. The Sailor Jerry's gives a great Vanilla twist whilst the three coffee beans placed on top really finish off the presentation.

  • Organic Milgo Mojito - which is: Muddled organic basil, lime, gin, lychee liqueur & elderflower sugar. Sounds random but is sooooo refreshing.
Day 2 (the day of the offical birthday party)

One of my sisters came down for the party so we went out for a meal before hand. Unfortunately Pizza Express was rather busy so we headed up to the new GBK (Gormet Burger Kitchen - right next to Wagamama) which was another first for me. As per neither I nor my sister could decided on what to have, luckily we were both torn between the same two burgers:

  • Pesterella - 100% Aberdeen Angus Scotch Beef Burger, pesto, mozzarella, salad and relish.
  • Chicken, Camembert and Cranberry

So we ordered both between the two of us and shared. I loved them both and really couldn't pick a favourite. Now this is a place I certainly am gonna rave about!

Day 3 (the morning after)

After waking up rather hungry and dry mouthed we headed to our local new Varsity Bar for some grub. Now I never expected to say this but I had one of the best pizza's I've ever had... I ordered a Breakfast Pizza (which is literally a full English on a pizza) and it was amazing. The base was stone baked with seemingly freshly made dough served on a wooden chopping board. Now I wouldn't normally fork out £6.95 on a pizza from a pub but this was worth it.

Anyway, all that talk about eating out just makes me want to get back in the kitchen!

Expect a flourish of home baked food soon...

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Jules said...

breakfast pizza...and at Varisity you couldn't get more student if you tried! ;)

I keep meaning to try GBK.

Hope you get to use your Pizza Express voucher enventually!