Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Getting better

Currently listening to: "Fratres- for Violin & Piano" (this clip is only the opening section of the piece)- Arvo Pärt

I'm finally getting better - YEAY! I've been to the doctor and I know it's nothing serious...

Also my appitite returned today - the last time I lost my appitite was when I was about 2 years old when on holiday in Gran Canaria, but thats another story. When I got home from the doctors I made myself a sort of carbonara. I used the cabonara bit of the resipie from a this BBC food page, however I used ham instead of pancetta and I also added garlic and sweetcorn.

Anyway, not really got much else to talk about after yesterday's rather lengthy blog!



Jules said...

Good to hear your feeling better. Ah yes, when you lost your appetite ;)

I made a carbonara a few nights ago. Yours looks yum.

Su-Lin said...

Oh, how funny! I've just stumbled on your blog and the coincidence is that my boyfriend is also a classical composer (student) and he does make a mean carbonara too!

Mike said...

How random... Well they do say composers make the best chefs! Where does he study?

Su-Lin said...