Thursday, 17 April 2008

Australian style Thick-shake

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It has been beautiful weather the past few days, so I've been working out in my "garden" on the laptop, whilst trying to catch some rays! I've been writing library music for the Welsh version of Songs of Praise this week - quite ironic considering I'm an agnostic non-welsh speaker!

Halfway through the afternoon today I really needed a sugar boost that was also nice and cold so I made a Thick-Shake. I picked up the "chilling thickening" idea whilst travelling Australia a couple of summers ago and decided to give it a go again.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana and Nutmeg Thick-Shake

Put 4 healthy scoops of vanilla ice-cream (I used Tesco Cornish ice-cream as it's gorgeous and cheap...), one large roughly chopped banana, enough chocolate milkshake powder (I use Milka powder, unfortunately you can only get it on the continent so i have to my Austrian friend to bring some over every time she flies home) and 1 pint of milk into a blender and blast repeatedly.

Pour into tall glasses and grate dark chocolate (Lidl do amazing 70% stuff) and nutmeg on top to taste.

Serve immediately

That really sorted me out for the afternoon.

Right, got to get back to my composing...



Jules said...

mmmmmm that looks good. How come it's nice and sunny where you are, when it's flipping freezing up here?!?

Mike said...

'twas tasty... It's always sunny in Wales! A ate asked me today if I'd been away because I was so tanned. I think my "garden" must be a sun trap.

Chuck said...

Yes, I'll have a glass of that delicious looking thick shake. Yummy!

bunchesmcginty said...


I caught your blog in tastespotting.

I am a student foodie in Melbourne. Good to see you enjoyed Australia, where did you go?

Unfortunately my blog doesn't have photos, just lots of profanity, stories and haphazard recipes.

Mike said...

Chuck - It did taste good!

bunchesmcginty - I travelled the est coast for 3 and half months, started at Sydney and travelled all the way up to Cairns, then flew from Cairns to Melborne. I was only supposed to stay in Melbourne for 3 days as I had to get back to Newcastle, but loved it so much I stayed 2 weeks!


Kevin said...

I like a nice thick shake. I like the sound of grated dark chocolate on top.

Chastity said...

This is cool!