Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bangers & Mash

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How windy is it outside? Allsorts of random stuff flying down the street (including my house mates James and Hugh). Hope the wind is still up in the morning so I can go for a good kitesurf!

Anyway, cooked a house meal tonight so thought I'd blog it...

I'm sure we can all cook bangers and mash so I wont bang-on (bad pun, I know) with a patronising recipe, so all I'm gonna talk about is the mash.

I used to work in a sort of Bistro bar as a Chef (why they employed me with no official qualification I'll never know) and this is where I learnt to make amazing mash in many interesting flavours. Since then, mash has become one of my signatures but tonight’s was simple:

Firstly, I always leave the skins on give the mash texture. To make the mash creamy I added a splash of double cream and a knob of butter to add some flavour. Then I "seasoned to taste" with bit of salt, a lot of pepper and too much garlic... Mixed in some
Llanboidy mature cheddar, job done!


EAT! said...

Looks like some great comfort food. Thanks for the link.

Mike said...

Eat - Thanks for the comment.